Galicia. Trip to the edge of the world

Tour to Galicia lasts 5 days


This tour lasts 5 days and during this time you will learn and see:

- City of Kings, aristocratic Valladolid, which was the capital of Spain from 1601 to 1606

- Ancient Roman Lugo, where many ancient monuments of Galician culture have been preserved

- A-Coruña, a pearl by the sea, or rather by the Atlantic Ocean. Magnificent A-Coruña amazes with an abundance of seafood, curious places, mixture of the past and the modern present

- Museum of one of the most famous Spanish beer brands, Estrella Galicia

- The coast of death, where many ships crashed

- Fisterra, the edge of the earth, breathtaking views of the ocean or the sea, as the locals call it

- The capital of the region, Santiago de Compostela, where all the roads of the pilgrimage route of St. James lead to. We will visit the main cathedral, where all wishes are fulfilled

…Distant, mysterious Galicia is a region with a warm soul and home-made Atlantic cuisine that will remain in your heart forever!

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